Fabio Gori, PhD

Enhance Your Company With Data Expertise

I work with organizations, primarily life sciences companies, that want to make the most of their data, small or big

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How I Can Assist as an AI Consultant

I work with R&D and leadership teams, primarily of life science organizations, that want to make the most of their data, small or big.
Whether you're looking to extract more value from your data, develop new AI-powered solutions, or train your team in advanced analytics techniques, I can provide the expertise and support you need.
New services and products can be developed by using my 4-step method. Together, we can improve your current processes from 10% up to 40%.
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How I Can Help You


AI Advisor

I facilitate collaborations with your external partners and support your transition to becoming a data-driven organization.


R&D Services in Life Sciences

With extensive experience leading projects across diverse sectors, I prototype algorithms in life science, wellness, healthcare, and manufacturing, helping you make the most of your data.


AI Solution Development

I am specialized in translating your objectives into actionable analytics challenges. I'm adept at crafting data-driven solutions tailored to your business needs.


Analytical Method Validation

I designed and successfully executed analytical method validation projects in the biomedical and foodtech sector, assessing the accuracy and precision of multiple computational methods.


Technical Coaching

I help you understand and apply the latest scientific papers and techniques that could benefit your organization.


Management Coaching

I guide business experts in understanding the opportunities and pitfalls of AI and machine learning, empowering them to make informed decisions.



I have both academic and industrial experience in writing: peer-reviewed publications, software documentations & tutorials, grant applications.


Public Speaking

With a wealth of experience in data science, I deliver engaging talks that demystify AI and illustrate its transformative potential in R&D, life sciences, and other industries.

About Me

I’m Fabio Gori.
I help you to extract value from your data.

With more than 15 years of experience with biotech & medical data, both in academia and industry, I can communicate effectively with stakeholders outside analytics, understand their challenges, and help them discover new opportunities opened up by advanced analytics. My broad background in mathematics, bioinformatics, and machine learning gives me a competitive advantage to identify pitfalls of projects at earlier stages and develop customized solutions for your specific needs.


Advanced analytics helps you to get more information with fewer experiments, boost the returns of your technical expertise, and strengthen your decision-making.

If You Have Any Question,
Feel Free to Contact Me at info@fabiogori.ai

Extract more value from your data. Together, we can identify how data can lead to useful insight, better processes and new products.

Assess the Data Maturity of Your Org with this Data Maturity Free Quiz