AI Opportunity Spotting Seminar

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Identify Opportunities For Growth 

Our AI Opportunity Spotting Seminar is a dynamic and interactive learning experience designed to help your team identify and solve business challenges using AI and analytics. This seminar equips your team with the skills to spot potential problems that can be addressed with these technologies, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Here is a detailed breakdown of what the seminar entails:

Key Points


Understanding the Pipeline

We start by introducing the overall pipeline from digitalization to data management & automation and then to AI & analytics. This foundational knowledge helps your team understand how these technologies can be integrated into your business operations to solve problems and improve efficiency.


Spotting Challenges

We then delve into the core skill of challenge spotting. We teach your team how to identify problems within your business that could potentially be solved with AI and analytics. This involves understanding the capabilities of these technologies and how they can be applied to various business scenarios.


Real-World Examples

To make the learning experience more practical and engaging, we showcase multiple examples of famous problems that have been successfully addressed with machine learning and analytics. These examples span various industries and applications, providing a broad perspective on the potential of AI and analytics.


Interactive Brainstorming Sessions

After each example, we facilitate small brainstorming sessions. These sessions are designed to stimulate creative thinking and encourage your team to identify similar problems within your company that could be addressed with AI and analytics.


Transforming Your Business

By the end of the seminar, your team will not only have a clear understanding of AI and analytics but also a list of potential challenges within your business that could be addressed with these technologies. This knowledge can be a catalyst for transforming your business operations, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Our AI Opportunity Spotting Seminar is more than just a learning experience; it's a strategic tool that can help your team unlock the full potential of AI and analytics in your business.

Assess the Data Maturity of Your Org with this FREE Quiz

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