How I use ChatGPT as a Freelance Data Scientist


In today’s fast-paced digital world, the role of artificial intelligence in augmenting human capabilities is undeniable. As a freelance data scientist, I’ve found a valuable ally in ChatGPT. This advanced AI tool, powered by OpenAI, has not only accelerated tasks I could manage on my own but also expanded my horizons in unfamiliar territories. In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences of how ChatGPT has been instrumental in my professional journey, simplifying complex tasks, aiding in learning, and venturing into new fields like marketing.

1. Accelerating Tasks I Could Do Myself

Certain tasks, though familiar and repeatedly performed, consistently consume significant time and energy. ChatGPT, while not entirely substituting your efforts, can efficiently generate preliminary drafts, potentially reducing your workload by 10% to 80%. In instances where ChatGPT errs, your expertise is more than sufficient to make the necessary corrections, further streamlining the process.

a. Crafting Letters: ChatGPT’s integration in drafting a complaint letter was a game-changer. The result was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the AI’s ability to understand and articulate issues effectively.

b. Coding Assistance: As someone familiar with coding, ChatGPT has been a boon, especially when dealing with unknown frameworks or libraries. For instance, when I needed to create a graph connecting Gene Ontology (GO) terms, ChatGPT helped me draft a solution in hours, a task that would have otherwise taken days. This efficiency comes with a caveat – a solid understanding of the underlying technology is essential for debugging and refining the output. However, it’s important to note that the tool’s effectiveness in niche areas like bioinformatics can be hit or miss: for another bioinformatic task, ChatGPT-3 gave me a working code only once out of four attempts.

c. Learning and Research: ChatGPT also serves as an excellent learning assistant. By integrating it with a plugin, I could have it read and summarize a complex deep learning & bioinformatics paper. While interacting with ChatGPT, I was able to quickly identify and correct any inaccuracies in its responses, significantly reducing my learning curve from 16 hours to just 3-5 hours.

2. Venturing into Unfamiliar Low-Risk Domains

Some tasks demand skills outside my expertise, but where I can readily identify subpar outputs from ChatGPT. Moreover, there are scenarios where even if I don’t immediately fully recognize the quality of ChatGPT’s output but I can still filter out garbage, the risks associated with utilizing it are relatively minimal.

a. Marketing Insights: As a data scientist, marketing is not my forte. However, ChatGPT has been instrumental in bridging this gap. It has offered creative ideas for my portfolio, suggested structures for blog posts, and even helped in devising content creation plans.

b. SEO Optimization: One of the standout uses of ChatGPT for me was in optimizing the text on my website for SEO. By leveraging a GPT-4 plugin, I was able to enhance the SEO-friendliness of my web content, a task that I would have otherwise found daunting due to my limited knowledge in this area.


ChatGPT has proven to be a versatile tool in my professional toolkit. Its ability to accelerate tasks that I’m already capable of, coupled with its utility in unfamiliar domains like marketing, has significantly boosted my productivity and learning. As AI continues to evolve, I am excited to explore new ways to integrate ChatGPT into my work, continually pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve as a freelance data scientist.

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